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The beginning of the end for the fossil fuel era                                                                         Sept 3/15 

Submitted for County Sustainability Group By Dale Marshall, National Program Manager, Environmental Defence 

Ernestown Wind Park celebration      Submitted to CSG by Bonnie Van Tassel - Project Coordinator    Sept 10/15

Too Much Bluff and Bluster  Too Little Fact  by Don Ross on behalf of the CSG members           Aug 26 2015

The Race To Burn    by Peter Jones   Feb 12 2015

The Ant and the Grasshopper    by Peter Jones   Dec 18  2015

Senior citizens: Take action on climate change now! by Anthony Ketchum & Peter Jones, Dec 4, 2014

This Changes Everything: Capitalism VS The Climate by Don Chisholm, Nov 13, 2014

Open letter to candidates: Your Duty to Protect, by Anthea Weese, Oct 16, 2014

The Need for a New Voting System —Rob Williams for the County Sustainability Group, Sept 18 to Oct 16, , 2014,

Undermining the rights of children by Ron Hart, Oct 9, 2014

Selling out our grandkids future? by Don Chisholm, Sept 18, 2014

Alberta Tar Sands – Canada’s Environmental Black Eye by Deborah Hudson, Sept 4, 2014

Where the tar sands meets your backyard, by Andrea Wees, Aug 28, 2014

Too Much Bluff and Blunder  Too little Fact



Pipeline Through the Great Bear Rainforest, by Jenny Andrews, Aug 14, 2014

Jenny Andrews wins 2014 CSG Environmental Bursary, by Jenna Ross, July 10, 2014


Seven false facts about energy, by Don Chisholm, June 19, 2014

Wind energy emerging as electricity option with best ratepayer value, by Robert Hornung, June 12, 2014

Electricity Corporations Fight Solar by Warren Bell, May 29, 2014

6th Annual Global Wind Day Celebrations on June 15th by Don Ross, May 15, 2014

Your very own B movie script by Ron Hart, May 8, 2014

"When Is It a Bad Idea to Give Licenses to Seniors?" by Susan Holtz, May 1, 2014

Earth Day 2014 –Urgent Action on Climate Change by Don Ross, Apr 24,2014

Rain Barrels Fund CSG Local Environmental Student Bursary and Awareness Programs by Don Ross, Apr 17,2014

We Owe a Duty of Care to Protect Our Environment by Ron Hart, Apr 10, 2014

Making Prince Edward’s Environment Sustainable by Ron Hart, Apr 3, 2014

Idle No More, Indigenous Sovereignty, and Eradicating Ecocide. by Ron Hart, Mar 27, 2014


What if you went to the airport and ...? by Don Chisholm, Mar 6, 2014

One Thing Changes All Else ( Part 2 of 2 ) by Mike Nickerson, Feb 27, 2014

One Thing Changes All Else ( Part 1 of 2 ) by Mike Nickerson, Feb 20, 2014

Grading Stephen Harper, the 'economist'. by Ron Hart, Feb 13, 2014

Increasing  Life-Value in Our Economy by Ron Hart, Jan 30, 2014

In Defense of the Editor of CWN by Ron Hart, Jan 23, 2014

Assuring Canadians that We Are All Right (and So Is Ecocide) by Ron Hart, Jan 9, 2014

Home renovations, natural localism and climate change by Ron Hart, Dec 19, 2013

Our Long Journey Into Today by Don Chisholm, Dec 5, 2013

We must take a closer look at the number by Ziggy Kleinau, Nov 20, 2013

When Logic Fails (Spectacularly)! by Ron Hart, Nov. 7, 2013

Responsibility, Ecocide, and Climate change by Ron Hart, Oct 31, 2013

Planning for a better future, by Brittany Tuttle, Oct 10, 2013

Biological Nitrogen Fixation by Don Thompson, Set 12, 2013

Three relevant expressions related to energy by Don Chisholm, Aug 22, 2013

Sustainability VS the population taboo by Don Chisholm, July 29,2013

Reimagining Main Street : A problem or an opportunity? Ron Hart, July 18, 2013

Reimagining Main Street Ron Hart, July 11, 2013

5 Reasons To Be Hopeful For The Future Don Ross, July 4, 2013

Lessons from Rapa Nui Jenna Ross,June 20, 2013

5th Annual Global Wind Day on June 15th Don Ross, June 13, 2013

Are Vineyards Good for Birds, Bats and Human Health? Deb Hudson, May 30, 2013

Qutobale Quotes Jenna Ross, May 23, 2013

Wind energy important to future Dr. Robert Oliphant, President and CEO Asthma Society of Canada, May 2, 2013

A Trip to Wolfe Island by Don Hudson, Apr 25, 2013

43rd Earth Day on April 22nd - So What Does This Mean to You? by Don Ross, Apr 18, 2013

Inventing Victims - Wind Turbine Syndrome in Ontario By Dick Hill, Apr 11, 2013

Canada’s Path to Global Ecocide By Ron Hart, April 4, 2013

“Water, water everywhere, only if we share”  By Don Ross, Mar 21, 2013

FUD Busting by Deb Hudson, Mar 28, 2013

Political Game Changer: Manufactured Fear, Doubt & Uncertainty By Don Chisholm,Mar 14, 2013

South Marysburgh wind turbine poll - Check the facts! Deb Hudson & Rob Williams, Jan 31, 2013

A QUESTION OF COMMITMENT by Don Ross, Jan 10, 2013

Infectious Don-Quixote Syndrome is spreading by Don Chisholm, Jan 3, 2013

For each appraisal there is an equal and opposite appraisal by Malcolm Hamilton, Dec 13, 2012

Past Tim to Re-Launch the Fit Program in Ontario by Don Ross, Dec 6, 2012

Darlington Nuclear - Cause for Public Concern: Part 2 by Robert K.Williams Ph.D, Nov 29, 2012

Darlington Nuclear - Cause for Public Concern: Part 1 by Robert K.Williams Ph.D, Nov 22, 2012

IBAs and Wind Turbines by John Legate, Nov 1, 2012

Special interests subvert common sense and future well-being, by Don Chisholm, June 28, 2012 

4th Annual Global Wind Day on June 15th Don Ross, June 14, 2012


GrowthBuster visits Picton Rob Williams, May 3, 2012

EARTH DAY WAS APRIL 22ND........DO YOU CARE? Don Ross. April 26,2012

Rain Barrels Help Fund Local Environmental Student Bursary Don Ross, April 12, 2012

United Nations World Water Day is March 22nd
Order your Rainbarrel today at Don Ross March 22, 2012

Climate Summit Was a Pathetic Exercise in Deceit Don Chisholm, February 20, 2012

An Opportunity to Meet ‘Earth’s Lawyer’ Ron Hart, February 9, 2012

Wind Energy in PEC - CSG’s Position: Part 2 of 2 Rob Williams, February 2, 2012

Wind Energy in PEC - CSG’s Position: Part 1 of 2 Don Chisholm, January 26, 2012

A Herd of Gazelles Renia Tyminski, January 19, 2012

Evidence of Climate Change Deb Hudson, January 5, 2012

Internationally Renowned Speaker Returns to the County with a 2012 Global Update. Rox Bound, December 29, 2011

Enough? Don Ross, December 15, 2011

Prince Charles Warns of  'Sixth Extinction Event' Don Chisholm, December 1, 2011

Disconnected Perspectives Jenna Ross November 17, 2011

Community and Wind Development Can Work Together, Jutta Spletttoesser, November 10, 2011

There is an elephant in our living room. Ursula Cattelan, Nov. 3, 2011

New CSG Website Ron Hart, Oct 20, 2011

Wind Turbines are Greatest Risk—Unbelievable! Rob Williams, Oct. 13, 2011

Energy In / Energy Out (EI:EO)—and our future Don Chisholm, Sept. 29, 2011

Meeting Jutta: Founder and President of Friends of Wind Ontario Don Chisholm, Sept 8, 2011

Science Must Be Free From Political Interference Submitted by Ron Hart, Sept.1, 2011

Let the Ostrander Point Wind Project Proceed Brittany Tuttle, Aug 26, 2011

Food for Thought for a Sustainable Diet Deborah and Don Hudson, Aug 12, 20011

Ecocide on Trial Ron Hart, July 28 2011

The Earth Laughing and Think Like A Tree   Don Chisholm, July 14/11  , 2011

Second Annual CSG ENVIRONMENTAL BURSARY AWARDED   Don Ross, July 7, 2011

Price Increase: Culprit is Nuclear Energy- Not Renewables   Don Ross, June 30, 2011

Words of Wisdom from Children to Adults Don Ross, June 30, 2011

Climate Change 101 Ron Hart, June 23, 20011

3rd Annual World Wind Day on June 15    Don Ross, June 9, 2011

Dead Serious: Extreme Weather Ron Hart, June 2, 2011

Words of Wisdom from Children to Adults Don Ross, June16, 2011

The Natrural…Shore of PEC and Wind Turbines   John Legate, May 26, 2011

Chemical Cocktails on your Bathroom Shelf  By Jenna Ross, May 19, 2011

Creating a tipping point  Ron Hart, May 12, 2011

Wind power could provide 1/5th of world's energy by 2020  Don Ross, Apr 14, 2011

Perspective on birds, bats and civilization's lifeblood—energy  Don Chisholm, Apr 7, 2011

Tragedy of The Commons: and our population taboo  Don Chisholm, Mar 31, 2011

Signs of spring and signs of the times Renia Tyminski, Mar 24, 2011

There is an all-out war against science—Ron Hart, Feb 24, 2011

Reality Check: accepting and acting on how it is Renia Tyminski, Feb 17, 2011

Geothermal: Exploiting a Free Energy Source—Ron Hart, Feb 24, 2011

Getting the House in Order—Renia Tyminski, Jan 20 2011

Women's Voices on Priority Issues: An Introduction—Renia Tyminski, Jan 20, 2011

Living smartet today for posterity—Don Ross, Jan 6, 2011

We Can Choose to Refuse  —Don Ross, Dec 30, 2010

If you are serious about sustainability —Don Ross, Dec 23, 2010 

Optimism in the face of adversity    Don Ross, Dec 16, 2010 

Canadians all wet with our water usage—Don Ross, Dec 2, 2010  

Growth and Sustainability —Don Chisholm, Nov 25, 2010 

Candidate Survey Results —Susan Holtz, Oct 10, 2010 

Garbage in Garbage out – Don Ross, Sept 9, 2010  

Living In The Age Of Stupid—Don Ross, August 19, 2010  

Sustainability Group is in favour of wind energy development: Why?—Don Chisholm, July 29, 2010 

Pandora's Box: and the end of the fossil fuel era —Don Chisholm, July 22, 2010 

Trash talking: midyear checkup —Don Ross, July 8 2010

CSG Bursary Awarded —Don Ross, July 1 2010 


Our Energy Future? Let's Just Go Nuke, eh?—Don't Bet on It! —Don Chisholm, May 26, 2010

The Green Energy Act (GEA)—A Global and Local Perspective —Don Chisholm, May 5, 2010

We Can Choose to Refuse —Deborah Hudson, Apr 29, 2010

Embracing Change —Don Ross, Apr 21 2010

Good News For Our Younger Generation —-  Don Ross, Apr 15, 2010

The Global Economy, Peak Oil and Sustainability —-  Don Chisholm, Apr 8, 2010

Our Common Future in 20 Easy Chapters —Don Chisholm, Mar 25, 2010

Transition Towns Renia Tyminski, Mar 18, 2010 

Sustainability begins with each of us —Don Ross, Mar 11, 2010

Hope for a changing world  —Don Ross, Feb 4, 2010

Some trash talking in PEC —Don Ross, Jan 28,2010

What Is Sustainability? —Josef Cihlar, Oct 8, 2009

Transition Towns  Renia Tkyminski, Nov 5, 2009

Time for Canadians to speak out —Don Ross, Nov 12, 2009

Today's social norms vs a sustainable society: Our Paradigm —Don Chisholm, Dec 3, 2009

World Energy Outlook: “The time has come,” for all of us —Ron Hart, Dec 17, 2009

letter to the editor

The Need for a New Voting System —Rob Williams for the County Sustainability Group, Sept 18 to Oct 16, 2014,

Global Warming: Reducing Our Impact —Graeme Woodall, 2012 CSG Environmental Student Bursary Co-Recipient, Aug 3, 2012

Open Letter to Todd Smith re Feb 2 'Town Hall' —Rob Williams for the County Sustainability Group, Feb, 2012

Celebrating Living Green with Sarah Harmer and Franke James —submitted by CSG, March 8, 2012

“Limits To Growth”Revisited —Don Chisholm for the County Sustainability Group, May 23, 2012