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A Sustainable Prince Edward County

You are creating a terrible future. Not my problem, kid...I plan to bail out before then.A sustainable community respects Earth's finite resources and natural systems. How we care for the earth, the air, the water, how we use energy, and how we organize our community are key ingredients in assuring a plentiful, vibrant future for our children. As trustees for Earth's well-being, our duty of care is to ensure that future generations will inherit a bountiful environmentally healthy world.

Even as our world is quickly changing and we face unprecedented challenges, many opportunities are emerging to improve community life in Prince Edward County by living sustainably.

What we do

The County Sustainability Group is involved in examining the specific challenges we will inevitably face because of global warming, climate change, peak oil, and resource constraints. If we act creatively, we have an opportunity to identify changes that can lead to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle and a healthier environment—one with cleaner air, abundant water, fertile land, renewable energy , and a vibrant, caring community

Challenges will come. Working together, we are realistic enough, tough enough, and resilient enough to meet these challenges head on. The goal is to build a sustainable, prosperous, caring community by respecting Earth's planetary boundaries and by respecting life itself.

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What Will Your Legacy Be?

When it gets down to ethics versus economy there can only be one winner —and it has to be the right winner—writes the pioneering environmental lawyer Polly Higgins.

There are two terms in law that we rarely hear today: malum in se, which means ‘wrong in itself' and malum prohibitum, which means ‘wrong because it is prohibited'. There is a crucial difference between the two. The first is a moral premise; the second is a legal one, often based on a moral premise that has been adopted as law. When our laws are built from malum in se, we have the makings of a higher moral code.

The destruction of the Amazon forest and the loss of other primary carbon sinks such as the Canadian boreal forest to the threat of ecocide by corporate activity can all be termed malum in se. Given time ecocide will become malum prohibitum. MORE


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